Matt Payne

Founder Inner Circle Solutions

Matt Payne has a wealth of experience spanning a 33-year career that includes military special operations, law enforcement and private sector security. Matt started his career as a USAF Combat Controller at the 24th Special Tactics Squadron assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command. During his military career Matt traveled the world conducting a variety of counter-terrorism/special operation missions. 


Following his time with the USAF, Matt entered a career in law enforcement. During this time Matt held several positions to include Inspector with the US Customs Service assigned to a Contraband Enforcement Team, a Hillsborough Township Police officer and a Detective with the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office where he spent several years tasked out to the FBI working on an international auto theft ring. 


After his law enforcement career, Matt moved into corporate security. Matt’s time in corporate security led him to positions from investigations to Chief Security Officer. Matt’s experience includes leading the security and safety for large events and providing a holistic plan that includes strategies that encompass people, place, and reputation. Matt’s roles included time with companies such as Intuit, PayPal, and Epic Games.


In 2020, Matt took the opportunity to standup his own consulting firm, Inner Circle Solutions, LLC. He and his significant other, Buffy brings together their wide array of experiences and solutions to provide consulting for companies globally.

Speaker Sessions

Day 1: Tuesday 20th July

Session 2: Post Covid Event Safety/Security considerations for Venues and Pro-Players (LIVE Q&A)

As Covid restrictions are lifted across the globe, regulations for safety will be a key requirement in order to host esports events properly. Matt Payne (formerly Epic Games Director of Security) CEO of Inner Circle, will break down hot topics that include venue sales, operations. and security you are not going to want to miss! Topics will include, Covid 19 updated security information, pro player management, internet security and understanding the safety and security of fan engagement.

: 15:15-16:15
Kim Meltzer Buffy Christie