Kim Meltzer

Co-founder & CEO Destination Esports

Kim Meltzer is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Destination Esports, a women-owned and led full-service experiential esports creative group, specializing in the convergence of the digital and human experience within the esports ecosystem. Through the unique approach to activating brands and their products, Destination Esports is the elite organizing principle setting a new standard for live and digital esport experiences on a global scale.

A 20-year veteran in the hotel and hospitality industry, Kim has supported and produced more than 500 events in her career. For the past decade, Kim has focused her career exclusively on global esport events supporting the community, production, developers, and professional players. Through her unmatched level of expertise and care, she has earned the designation of Esports Mom.

Speaker Sessions

Day 1: Tuesday 20th July

Opening Session: Esports Business Behind the Scenes for Venues & Destinations (LIVE panel)


From an esports lead sales to loading in the production, pro player expectations and receiving thousands of fans to your venue operations, unravel the mystery of what the world of esports events looks like from an expert insider's perspective through this highly informative panel discussion.

: 14:00-15:00

Session 3: Understanding the expectations of the Esports Buyer (LIVE Q&A)


Esports Buyers are not who you think they are...welcome to video gaming leads coming from production coordinators, publishing event directors and brand marketing executives along with tournament organizers looking to bring their game, or community together under one roof. Learn from expert "Esports Buyers," who organize global events for professional level esports tournaments.  They will tell their side of the story as to what they are looking for in a destination and venue.

: 16:30-17:30
Day 2: Wednesday 21st July

Session 5: Understanding an Esports Audience - Suggested Approaches for Marketing & Engagement (LIVE Q&A)


You just booked an esports event at your venue and you are already preparing ticket sales for the fans that will fill the seats and spend money at your venue. What preparation do you need to have a successful revenue stream when the fans pass through the doors? Are they like sports fans or is there more to that question for destinations to prepare for? Listen in on actual fans who will share their stories and tell you what makes going to an esports event memorable and engaging.

: 15:15-16:15
Day 3: Thursday 22nd July

Session 9: Fireside Chat-True Confessions-Venues share it all! (LIVE panel)




Listen in to current and former hospitality and venue sales/operations executives who tell all in their experience when they hosted their first esports event! True stories of their first impression, crazy interactions and what they learned after it was all said and done. Not to be missed!

: 17:00-18:00
Brian Mirakian (Guest Moderator) Matt Payne