Daan van der Wiele

Founder & Consultant nxt GEN

Daan van der Wiele has been a PC gamer since the moment he was able to use a keyboard, starting in the classics era with games like Doom and Hexen. Once online gaming started picking up he quickly picked up on an interesting mod for Valve’s bestseller Half-Life, called Counter-Strike. Over the years Daan built a pro career in Counter-Strike 1.5, 1.6 and Source, having played for various major eSports teams as well as the Dutch national team and participating in professional tournaments all over Europe. After ending his pro gamer career at the age of 25 he moved into the digital and technology domain, while remaining actively involved with gaming. Nowadays Daan is focused on building brands and products around AI products while doing occasional game related consulting and advisory, while still finding time to play the latest games on a daily basis. After all, a true gamer never puts his keyboard and mouse to rest.

Speaker Sessions

Day 3: Thursday 22nd July

Session 8: Building your esports Broadcasting and Production Infrastructure– the do’s and the don’ts! (LIVE panel)


Esports offers a unique opportunity to reach a much larger audience than for your traditional events and with the right content you can quickly build your reputation and legitimacy with your local gaming community. This in-depth discussion will discuss the essential steps needed (and mistakes to avoid!) to ensure you can deliver the highest production values when creating and sharing live esports content, including how connectivity is key!

: 15:45-16:45
Terry Smith Johanna Byrane