Ben Feferman

CEO Amuka Esports

Ben is the CEO and Co-Founder of Amuka Esports. His executive experience transcends many different industries. He founded his own film production and media company that served as one of the very early digital agencies with a focus on social media and video content. He later transitioned into the investment banking world by co-founding Amuka Capital, an exempt market dealer that focused on raising capital for real estate, tech and eventually esports companies. Ben has been active very active in the esports industry for the past 6 years as an investor, advisor and content creator. Outside of the office Ben is training for the NHL '94 World Championships and chasing after his 4 kids.

Speaker Sessions

Day 2: Wednesday 21st July

Session 4: Venue Flexibility Part 1 - Using design to unlock esports in your facility (LIVE panel)


As venue operators and executives finalise their reopening plans, there is a growing awareness of the need to diversify and maximise their event calendars to begin to recover their recent revenue losses. Venue ‘flexibility’ is key to unlocking all parts of your venue to host a wider variety of events including esports. An expert panel of leading architects discuss how venues of all kinds can repurpose and reassess their existing building spaces to be able to successfully host a wide variety of esports and gaming related events.

: 14:00-15:00
David Hines Adam Horodecki